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New and innovative to place orders to experience a new dining experience

United States of America, 24th January 2014: It has always been a challenge for the restaurant operators efficiently deliver food after orders. Especially when there is huge rush and there are huge amount of orders. But with the advent of technology this is becoming easy and even the customers can expect to get their food on time. One of those companies that has made this easier both for the managers as well as the customers is SmartOrder. The new innovative operating system known as the Point of Sales is invented to increase the revenue and reduces cost. It does not comprise on the customer experience and also helps in reduce the number of staff. This operating system can be used as both android restaurant point of sales as well as ipad restaurant pos

The main motivation of this innovation is to create software that can address the common problems that the consumers face. It aims to make the job easier for the manager and does not increase the operating costs. Some of the staff related problems like frustration related to placing orders, inconsistency in service, missing orders, bill payment problems, etc. will be easily solves through this software. SmartOrder has developed this POS system that helps the customer to place their order smoothly without facing any problem. One needs to use a touch screen computer that has POS system in it for processing their order. This is a low cost software and one can easily expect to order their drinks and foods without trying to locate the server of the restaurant. 

There are no limitations in this device when it comes to using a specific device. The software is based on both android and iOS operating systems. The customer is free to decide which device he wants to use and order their food. Users are free to even upgrade their old devices and use this software at lower costs when compared to the software that come with different limitations. The POS system comes as a comprehensive solution to problems like staff device, customer device and the web based management portals. It is easy to run this device through secure wireless connection and the operators in the restaurants don’t need to buy any additional deivce or software use the POS system. 

This android restaurant pos system comes with full range of managing tools and information reporting systems. It is very important to remain updated to run the business smoothly and meet the requirements of the customers. New innovative devices help in meeting the demands of the modern world and meet the requirements of both the customers and the service providers. 

About smartorder system: 

Website: http://www.smartordersystem.com 

SmartOrder system is a company that is motivated to provide a new dining experience to the customers. They have been in this field of developing innovative software that helps in ordering food and drinks smoothly at cost affordable rates. 

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