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Haulage Exchange Warns Customers About ‘Dirt Cheap Hauliers’

As one of the UK’s busiest and largest online freight exchange organisations, Haulage Exchange thoroughly understands the workings of the entire industry. A company spokesperson recently issued a statement regarding what it refers to as ‘dirt cheap haulage companies’ that are most probably making dangerous compromises in order to come up with exceptionally low rates. 

Low Prices vs Dirty Tricks 

While low prices are not bad per se, there are some hauliers that resort to dirty tricks just to lure unsuspecting customers with the lowest bid. And that, says the company representative, is what blackens the reputation of the industry. 

"The problem with offering unrealistically low prices," says a Haulage Exchange representative, "is the fact that it is unrealistic. We are at the mercy of certain economic and market forces, and nobody can just circumvent that. A haulier can only go as low as allowed by the system. If the low prices are too good to be true, then they most probably are." 

Moreover, low prices can be achieved by certain adjustments — through the dynamic work of online freight exchanges such as Haulage Exchange. All the information needed is easily accessible on the organisation’s website, thereby allowing the customers to make informed decisions. 

For new haulage companies, however, doing so might be tricky, and chances are the really low prices are probably pulled out of a hat, so to speak. "They are probably making unsavoury sacrifices," asserts the representative from Haulage Exchange. "Such as using third party delivery vehicles operated by unscrupulous people with no regard for safety and quality. Customers cannot entrust their precious cargo in the hands of such people." The company insists that to ensure that the customer’s cargo will be delivered on time and safely, checks are needed on the haulier’s background, credentials, and feedback from previous customers. Only after performing a thorough background check should customers proceed with the haulier’s services. 

About Haulage Exchange: 

Haulage Exchange is an online trading platform which aims to connect haulers with empty vehicles (often on return journeys) to contractors with loads that need to be delivered. Learn more about them at www.haulageexchange.co.uk/ . 

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