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LayerOnline Annuonces Unlimited SSD Cloud Web Hosting Service

LayerOnline, a leading cloud web hosting company providing high performance cloud hosting services to web designers, bloggers and businesses, today announced it has upgraded its flagship hosting platform to provide unlimited SSD cloud web hosting services. Customers can now enjoy much faster SSD storage performance without additional charge. 

SSD cloud web hosting offers multiple benefits that are crucially important to websites and SEO, from dramatically enhanced web page loading speed and more up time, to increased reliability and scalability. The use of SSD technology enables high traffic websites to respond more quickly to requests and faster website operations. Faster webpage response time also lowers CPC cost in advertising services such as Google Adwords. 

LayerOnline also announced that the SSD storage will also be in RAID1 configuration, providing utmost reliability and performance needed for high quality SSD cloud web hosting. The SSD disks used by the company are enterprise grade with minimum 150K IOPS for fastest SSD cloud web hosting performance 

“I am very excited that LayerOnline is offering unlimited SSD cloud web hosting without additional charge. My website has lots of traffic and a big database. Having SSD cloud web hosting gives a hugh speed boost to database access time and website response time. I am impressed. Thanks LayerOnline!” – Dan Scheld, blogger. 

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://www.layeronline.com

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