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Christ Howard Is Literally Giving Away His World Famous Courses In The Next Couple Of Days

Chris Howard one of the very top trainers in the world of subconscious reprogramming, NLP, and hypnosis is giving away his tool kit that made him and thousands of his student successful for a bargain price due to his move to Bali. 

Chris Howard NLP Wealth

The material from which Chris Howard became famous and used to help so many people to change their lives and build their wealth includes the following: 

• Wealth Acceleration I – NLP Results Certification C.D. sets of roughly 16 training C.Ds plus 250 page manual – full training in NLP, Neurological Repatterning, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Results Coaching - retail price $497. 

• Wealth Acceleration II – Master NLP Results Certification C.D. sets of roughly 18 training C.D.’s plus 250 page manual – Master level training in NLP, Neurological Repatterning, Master Hypnosis, Master Results Coaching - retail price $597. 

• Your Personal Breakthrough C.D. sets with 7 C.Ds and one bonus D.V.D. plus manual – Transform your life in 7 days with cutting-edge tools of next generation NLP - retail price $197. 

• Design Your Destiny C.D. sets with 5 C.Ds plus manual – discover your life’s purpose and powerfully design your future - retail price $197. 

Total of Four Packages (Products): 46 CDs and Four Complete Manuals. 

Chris has 300 complete sets of the above products and people now can purchase the entire set of all of those products for $197 TOTAL per entire package purchased plus shipping. 

Chris Howard's NLP bundle covers all the essential bases of NLP practitioner well including well-formed outcomes, anchoring, rapport, strategies, meta model, Milton model, and much more. 

Unlike many NLP audio courses which are recorded in a live setting, the audio is very well recorded. They are very professionally produced and presented with great instrumentals linking the lessons and even providing background for doing the exercises. 

For the next couple of days (until the stock is sold out – this wealth of knowledge (net worth of $1588) is available at http://buzurl.com/iy47 

About the author: 

Andy Shaw is a world famous presenter, internationally acclaimed lifestyle and wealth strategist; who has successfully modernised the NLP business, leading thousands of people to their financial success and wealth. He has several best selling books, audios and DVDs on the market and has been a successful entepreneur for more than 10 years. For almost two decades, Chris has researched the success strategies of the world's greatest business, philanthropic and spiritual minds. His extensive knowledge is shared through his books, home study courses and public seminars worldwide. 

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