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SavelGo Ltd Introduced First Social Commerce Scheme On The Global Online Platform

Piccadilly, London; 01 February, 2014: The rise in the demand of the E-Commerce and the popularity of the Social Networking Concepts has given rise to the new trend in the modern commercial era. The IT Experts from the SavelGo Ltd has come up with a very innovative concept which has been named as the Social Commerce. This innovative concept is highly legal and is getting the huge welcome from the people all over the world. The Official Website of SavelGo Ltd at SavelGo.com provides the direct access to the detailed info of this concept. The company does not charge any cost for utilizing the benefits of its services. This is in sync with the free of cost services of the social networking and social media websites. The expert developers of the company describe their new model in details. 

The new Model of SavelGo Ltd is more like the social shopping model. The websites includes the base features of the social networking sites to cater the firm foundation for the online shopping as well. The user, who intends to use this model, needs to sign up for creating the account on the website. This is, of course, free of cost in the same way as others social accounts are. Once logged in, the website offers the sleek and the versatile profile which can be used to get connected with the friends and other co-workers as well. However, this is just the basic platform for the inclusion of the Commerce Concepts. 

The Professionals of the Company describe that the users can use the profile to get the updates for their preferred products. Furthermore, the product list goes beyond the usable products. This includes the services provided in the locality as well like hotels, private transportation facility and so on. The developers of this social commerce platform describe it as the first online bargaining junction as well. This is because the user can judge, review and compare the product right in their profile to bargain for the best one. Not only has this, but the features of the website also gone beyond these services. The model of the SavelGo Ltd provides the direct option to buy the product right from the profile. This is what makes this new and innovative model a sensational hit in the world. 

Currently, the company is busy making it more effective for the people. However, it is fully functional and has been launched on the World Wide Web platform for the global access. The shipping cost of the product along with all the guarantees and other formal stuff are handled by the individual retailers. The model only acts as the link between the users as well as the various retailers. In fact, the model only provide the interface with features of the social networking which gives the people the power of bargaining and fair comparison. 

For detailed info, always feel free to visit www.savelgo.com. 

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The SavelGo Ltd is the popular company offering the innovative blend of the social networking and e-commerce concepts. The model has been named as the Social Commerce and provides the access to compare, review, share and buy the product right from the social networking profile of the user. 

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