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Sailing and Foreign Study Unite in Florida

Students undertaking the opportunity to study abroad in Florida can now add sailing to their curriculum. It may seem strange to imagine a union between foreign study and learning the art of sailing, but extra-curricular activities like this are becoming more and more popular within a structured itinerary. Specialised school travel companies such as School Travel Services can organise external classes and courses overseas that will enable students to pick up new skills while experiencing a different culture.

Nose out of the books, eyes fixed on the water

Now students have the opportunity (with guidance from experienced providers such as School Travel Service) to expand their foreign study to go beyond the classroom. Those students based in Miami have the opportunity to not only sail, but also learn the art of sailing. Complementing their education derived from books and lectures, they are taught by experienced sailors how to manage at the helm of 36-foot sailboats.

As well as learning an exciting new skill (and one that previously may not have even been thought of by the student), undertaking a leisure based activity like sailing encourages young people to mix with their peers and forge strong and lasting friendships. Education and career experts say many friendships formed while under the umbrella of an educational experience often become the basis for a lifelong network of professional contacts abroad.

This exciting experience is well worth the cost for those who have the privilege of taking part in a foreign study course. Joining professionals and sailing enthusiasts, students are able to pick up enough skill and technique to gain a recognised certification in sailing.


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