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Tips for Beginner Gameplay In Final Fantasy XIV ARR

It is known that there are some guides for beginner to play in the game of FFXIV, expect for knowing how to choose your RACE and learn about Character Stats, let's get to the next part - choose your class. Final Fantasy XIV provides us with a wide variety of class options. The following information came from Igxe.us:

Choosing Your Class

Classes are the most unique and interesting part of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. While some other games allow you to have multiple specifications and combine with class, FF XIV goes about ten steps further and allows you to play every single class in the game - all on one character.

To the further on this, it is literally as simple as changing the weapon in your character's main hand. Do not needs to create an alt character even ran back to the main city-state find the class coach trainer or other things. Just change your weapon simply (while not in battle). I should mention however that you need to talk to the respective Guild-master (in one of the main three cities) then unlock the class first in the game.

This is done by following your main task line in the game, and you should be able to change classes between level 10 and 15 somewhere. Once the class guilds are unlocked, you never need to redo the demand line. Put another way, Can you finish the task line in level 10-15 and then quickly ran to various of classes Association and unlock other classes in games.

The first class you choose will determine your starting city starts the game you will begin the game with ffxiv Gil. Each of the class guilds can only be found in one particular city-state. The breakdown is as follows:

•Archer, Conjurer, Lancer: Gridania
•Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge: Ul'dah
•Arcanist, Marauder: Limsa Lominsa

It is important to note that while most MMORPG's nowadays has a production system to set up as skills in your character. FFXIV treats battle and crafting as entirely separate classes. So if you want to start your mining process craft, you won't be running around as a "Marauder" - you will fully change into a level 1 "Miner". You will level your Miner by physically mining while using your mining tool and mining gear. Furthermore, your class level will depend on the harvesting/ crafting items not defeat the enemy.

More details about specific cities will be referred to in the next article, please feel free to focus on Igxe.us. Want to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil or to know more power leveling skills all in Igxe.us.

Source: http://www.igxe.us/upcoming/Final-Fantasy-XIV.html

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