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Martinez Law Firm offers experienced DWI Legal Support

Houston, Texas; 01 February, 2014: Getting charged with DWI can prove to be stressful and confusing at the same time. It is important to take the necessary steps and make sure that the future and freedom is not impacted in any way. The Martinez Law Firm headed by Mr. Herman Martinez specializes in DWI cases and promise to deliver clients with best possible results. There are some cases of DWI where a person might also get charged with criminal offenses which can completely devastate the life and freedom of that concerned person. However, criminal defense lawyer in Houston from Martinez Firm ensure have thorough understanding of the unique regulations of the state and put in all their efforts to win back the freedom of the client. 

Mr. Martinez who is the head of the law firm is recognized as a leading Houston DWI Attorney with several years of experience in the field. He is a dedicated criminal lawyer and aims to provide his clients with top class legal assistance every time. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the field and has helped numerous clients over the years charged with criminal and DWI cases. When it comes to DWI cases in Houston, the penalties are quite extreme and the law enforcement does not spare any effort to find and arrest the suspected offenders. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to hire the best attorneys in the field and Martinez Law Firm certainly lives up to the expectations. 

Mr. Martinez along with his dedicated and sincere staff has the necessary expertise, knowledge and experience in the field to deliver their clients with satisfactory outcomes. The advice to follow when searching for a lawyer is to make sure that the person has the required experience and knowledge of the different laws of the state to offer a solid support based on relevant evidences and proofs. The Martinez Law Firm deals with different instances of DWI cases like Felony DWI, Underage DWI, ALR Hearings, Occupational Driver’s License, Field Sobriety Tests, Unlawful Traffic Stops and more. 

As a DWI attorney in Houston, Mr. Martinez has spent most part of his life dealing with different DWI and criminal cases and well aware of what it takes to normalize the life of a person charged with such cases. People tend to get afraid and confused once they are charged with DWI and fail to recognize the importance of hiring an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer for the cause. The attorneys from Martinez Law Firm all well aware of the trauma and stress that a person has to pass through when charged with DWI cases. That is why they always make it a point to keep their clients calm and settled by using their expertise and experience. 

About Martinez Law Firm 

The Martinez Law Firm is headed by Mr. Herman Martinez and specializes in providing top quality legal assistance when it comes to criminal as well as DWI cases.

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