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Lice Removal Thornhill

The removal of lice from the hair is a skill. It is a special skill that not only requires specific tools and products but one that needs a person who knows their way around the human head. Lice are very tiny insects and can easily remain invisible to the naked eye. However, for a professional head lice technician, checking whether a head is infested with lice or nits is simple matter. The removal of lice is just one of the requirements of the job.

After such a treatment process, the lice removal expert ensures that the environment in which his or her client is going home to has been sanitized to keep the infestation from re-occurring. Technicians also prescribe products that will match the needs of the client both in terms of treatment and prevention that are safe and non-toxic.

In Toronto, head lice clinics specializing in lice treatment and prevention are a new phenomenon. However, there are a couple of things that you will need to look into when determining the kind of lice removal service that you would like to use. Some of these include the availability of the clinic and the lice removal service to handle your needs. Most of the lice removal clinics in Toronto have diversified their services to include prevention, treatment and after care. Some of them, like Nit Works, have branched out to provide their clients with a range of services including clinic visits and home consultations. Nit Works also carries a variety of non-toxic products that both treat and prevent head lice and are safe for use by both adults and children.

The Thornhill community is fortunate that tangible solutions for head lice are available in their community, and this includes the ope¬¬ning a state of the art head lice clinic. Nit Works has opened in Bayview Lanes Plaza located at Bayview and Hwy 7. Accessible by highway and major intersections, this one stop shop for all your head lice needs is a short drive away. This bright new clinic boasts private treatment rooms, a “lice free” play zone, state of the art equipment and individual television screens. Clients are given a 100% lice free guarantee and enjoy the convenience of clinic hours and availability 7 days a week. Come and see the Nit Works difference today. Call (905) 889-8442 in Thornhill.

This fight is led by the likes of Nit Works, which is not only the largest lice removal clinic in the greater Toronto area but also a trail blazer in its own right. There are other providers of the same service with offices in this region as well. It is important that you use the services of these professionals to ensure that you live your life lice free.

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