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Travel Journo Advocates an Active Escape in Menorca

A top freelance journalist from the UK is the latest fan of the spectacular Balearic island of Menorca. He recently travelled to the island and spent two weeks walking the renowned Cami de Cavalls. While top travel companies (like the well respected Bartle Holidays) have long advocated this sleepy island as the ultimate holiday destination, it seems it is becoming more and more an open secret in the travel industry. 

After visiting the island several years before, Jasper Winn vowed to return to experience what many had told him was the ultimate outdoor activity on Menorca. Being his specialist subject, he made the promise to himself to traverse the entire distance of the ancient bridle path, which encircles the entire island. After two weeks immersed in the natural beauty and warm local hospitality, it seems the destination has in no way disappointed. "It’s been wonderful as a subject and far exceeded my already high expectations," said Jasper. 

Renowned for its outdoor pursuits and excellent accommodation options through companies such as Bartle Holidays, Menorca is a true nature lover's haven. In fact, Winn enjoyed his hike around the 186-kilometre track so much that he decided to take another spin around the island when he completed it – this time including mountain bike, horse and sea kayak as his modes of transport! 

While the island has a fascinating historical aspect and a delightful beach culture, it is the weather, breath taking scenery and abundance of flora and fauna that draws so many nature lovers to its shores. For birdwatchers, the chance to spot the diverse resident species along with a population of visiting and nesting birds (including the famed Egyptian Vulture) is irresistible. 

Experienced journalist Winn took six days to traverse his journey along the Cami de Cavalls. He sites not only the "close proximity and variety of activities on offer, but also the varying levels at which these sports can be enjoyed, from novice to experienced" as an important point for any nature loving traveller looking for a new challenge. 

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