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Unique gift card holder ideas

USA; 06/02/2014: Even as the retail industry faces a slowdown due to the distressed economic conditions, the pre-paid gift cards continues to remain popular. Gift cards have been one of the most popular gifting ideas in the United States for a reason. Several surveys prove receivers prefer these over traditional gifts because it provides them with the freedom to buy what they desire. Although, virtual and mobile gift cards are gaining acceptance, the physical kinds continue to be popular. With the increase in their demand, new ideas for the best gift cards are released to make them more appealing. 

Most people feel a little overwhelmed when they hand over the gift cards in simple envelopes. It becomes more impersonal with mobile and virtual cards. Individuals like to receive physical gifts with a meaning and warmth. Snomee provides a unique and innovative technique to present gift cards to loved ones. It is a gift card holder that can be also used as a show piece making ordinary cards more special. The store provides a wide range of snow globes designed in different themes and you can choose one as per your personal interest. These products enable people to make gift cards personal, attractive, and fun to open eliminating the impersonal feel of these gifting options. 

The snow globes are brightly colored and feature a hidden compartment that can be used as gift card holders. The gift cards that can be redeemed at restaurants, spas, retail outlets, and other vendors are ordinary plastic. However, with the Snomee globes the cards can be converted to unique presents for different occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, and other special events. Along with the primary objective of delivering the gift cards, these snow globes can be a reminder of your special gifts for many years even after the cards have been redeemed. 

The Company originally aimed to reinvent the conventional Christmas card holder ideas and became an instant hit. The popularity of these snow globes for the holiday season encouraged the management to design gift card holder ideas for other occasions and seasons. Currently, the Company offers snow globes in various themes, such as music lovers, sports fans, mother’s day, fashion, birthdays, and many other special events. The wide variety of the snow globes ensures individuals are able to find a Snomee that most appropriately matches the taste of the receivers and the occasion. 

Contrary to perception, these unique and attractive products are priced at extremely affordable prices that do not cause any financial distress. Individuals can choose to personalize the snow globes with custom gift card holders to make their ideas more attractive and unique. Snow globes are timeless collectible items and provide delight to the owners for several years since first receiving these. Modernizing the traditional snow globe, the Company presents unique gifting ideas for all occasions and seasons. More people are joining this new revolution and choosing a Snomee as a gift for their loved ones. You can view the entire collection of these attractive snow globes on http://www.snomee.com 


Snomee provides a new and unique way to present the best gift cards to your loved ones. After redeeming the cards, the receivers can use the unique gift card holders as timeless collectibles embracing warm memories for many years. 

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