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Smart Car Technology Is On Its Way

The smart car is becoming a reality, and although self-driving cars are still quite a long way from becoming common on our roads, smart technology is going to find its way into many more cars over the coming years – and the courier industry could stand to benefit from this. 

Smart companies use smart car technology 

Google is one of the most important companies making headway in the field of smart cars. It will soon have its Android platform available in cars across the world, and it has already signed up a number of manufacturers in its Open Auto Alliance, including big names like Hyundai, Audi and Honda. 

This will see more cars embedding the technology in their cars, and it is also likely to lead to a boom in the development of apps specifically for use in the car. It is here the courier industry could really start to see the benefits. 

What will smart technology in cars mean? Apps could include more intuitive sat nav systems, apps that assist drivers with making their deliveries, apps that help them to keep in touch with the fleet, and many more. Many apps are likely to be developed in areas that have not even been thought of yet, making it an exciting time for the industry. 

One of the major benefits of such smart systems in the cars is that it will be safer for drivers than trying to access information on their smartphones while driving on the road. The in-car systems are likely to provide a far more natural experience when driving, making them much easier and safer for courier drivers to take advantage of. 

It could also see cars becoming connected devices in their own right, as well as streaming with other Android devices like smartphones. And Android is not the only system likely to make its way into cars. Apple has already announced 'iOS in the Car', which will come complete with Siri voice controls, and the two will do battle when they appear in more vehicles in the months and years ahead. 

There is no doubt that courier specific apps will start to appear, and this could have huge implications for fleet owners and independent drivers, making it an exciting period for the whole industry. 

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