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Haulage Groups Opposed To Congestion Charge Increase

It is very likely that Transport for London (TfL) will soon increase the Congestion Charge for drivers entering London, which has drawn complaints from haulage groups and other transport organisations. 

Anger at the increase 

Drivers working on haulage jobs are forced to pay the charge to carry out their essential deliveries, and groups representing them have expressed their anger that drivers and companies will be affected by the increase. 

Although it has not yet been confirmed, the proposed increase is seen as likely to go through. If it does, drivers entering the congestion zone will see the charge increase from £10 per day up to £11.50 per day – a 15 per cent increase. Autopay drivers who pay by direct debit will see an increase from £9 to £10.50. 

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has complained about the increase, stating that drivers working on haulage jobs do not have a choice about paying the charge to carry out essential deliveries. It also said that businesses in London depend upon freight, and that it is not possible for deliveries to be made by public transport. 

The association suggested that transport companies could see an even larger increase of 17 per cent if they are on the fleet scheme. 

The president of AA, Edmund King, said that it was confirmation that the Congestion Charge is only concerned with collecting money, and that it has nothing to do with the environment or congestion but is rather just another tax. He said that it will hurt service companies, many of whom hire drivers to carry out haulage jobs, and that it was likely customers would have to pay for some of the extra cost. 

However, the TfL justified the possible increases by stating that the charges have not gone up since 2011, and that the increases will also raise £80 million extra by the end of 2018. 

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