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Charlotte, NC; 07 February, 2014: Every month, Poterack Capital Advisory hosts a complimentary Ladies Day Luncheon for clients, friends, and their guests. These luncheons are specifically designed for women who want to share investment knowledge or learn more about investment decisions. 

There are many benefits to learning about investment decisions. Investments can seem intimidating at first, especially when there is so much to learn. Attending a Ladies Day Luncheon allows you to increase your knowledge while being in a fun, casual environment. We provide an enjoyable lunch as an added bonus to the new knowledge you will also gain! 

Women currently make up a majority amount of college graduates and over 50% of the labor force. As women continue to become a primary earner in most households, it is important they also learn about financial independence and potential investment strategies. 

In February 2014, Poterack Capital Advisory’s Ladies Day Luncheon will feature an open discussion about the future increases or decreases of taxes, the differences between tax deferral and tax free, and about handling investments in a tax efficient way. These luncheons are a great opportunity to take part in an open discussion about these topics. 

Ready to reserve your spot at this unique and fun event? Contact ashley@pca-inc.org for Thursday, February 13th's luncheon event or visit them online at http://www.pca-inc.org 

Poterack Capital Advisory does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance. 

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