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Google Creates Incredible Opportunity for Realtors

Mountainview CA, February 7, 2014: Google’s new Helpouts is a once in a lifetime opportunity for real estate professionals. Google has recently introduced a search engine for video consultations. Realtors with an I-pad or a computer with a camera can meet and converse with clients via video. This is a free service from Google. 

Ready Made

Video is the perfect opportunity to bond with people looking to buy or sell a home. The savvy real estate professional can meet prospects face-to-face in the evening when they are relaxed at home. It can be done from the comfort of your living room without leaving the house. 

Helpouts is not specifically for real estate professionals but that can work to your advantage. If you get started early, you will have no competition. You can dominate your market. 


The magnitude of this opportunity cannot be over stated. 

The problem for most Realtors is they are not computer savvy. They know about selling property, not the technical side of computers. Internet entrepreneur and author Joel Comm has created a complete training course to help. 

With this course, you can get approved in as little as 1 day while most people have to wait up to 4 weeks. The course is done in HD Video and covers everything from filling out the application to preparing for the mandatory Google Interview. He also goes into preparing a script that will have people begging for your help. 

Joel is somewhat of a legend in the Internet world having written best seller “The Adsense Code” which created several millionaires using Google’s Adsense platform. Mr. Comm thinks Google Helpouts that the potential to eclipse Adsense as more people demand video training to learn new techniques. He calls his training “Helpouts Profits”. It is backed by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. To read more about this program, please go to http://helpoutprofits.net/ 

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