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Insuremore Issues Travel Advice to Avoid Catching Colds On Flights

Top insurance company Insuremore’s in-house medical experts have issued advice to travellers about the hazards of long-haul flights in terms of illness like the common cold. Going down with a cold is the last thing the traveller needs just as their long awaited holiday begins. As one of the UK’s leading travel insurance provider, the company boasts of having gained expertise to help travellers not only get the most out of their trip, but also to proactively avoid getting sick. 

Experts from Insuremore said that the low humidity inside an airplane (no thanks to cabin pressure) leads to dry mucus, which in turn lowers a person’s immunity. However, the matter is not so simple, and the company concedes there are many factors at play - such as a person’s overall health, the amount of rest achieved and nutrition. So to avoid getting sick during flights, specifically to prevent catching colds, experts advise to prepare weeks ahead by ingesting supplements and boosting the resistance. 

An Insuremore representative said that this can be achieved by the usual route: taking vitamin C, for instance, to enhance resistance at least three weeks prior to the flight. Aside from vitamin C, one should also take vitamin A (which plays a vital role in the production of antibodies), B6 (strengthens the body’s ‘killer cells’ that kill infected cells), and zinc. 

Buffing up one’s resistance to infection does not really take complicated procedures. As always, one has to eat well, including plenty of of fresh fruit and vegetables leading up to the flight, exercise, and sufficient rest. Eating plain yoghurt everyday also provides some level of protection, as well as avoiding or cutting down on one’s consumption of refined sugar (or foods containing it), as it has been shown to weaken the power of leukocytes (the white blood cells that fight off infection in the body). 

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