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Single Trip Travel Insurance Sufficient to Prevent Consequential Losses

Insuremore, one of the UK’s top travel insurance companies, said that its single trip travel insurance is more than sufficient to protect travellers from financial vulnerabilities. While lauding the strengthening of the usual measures designed to protect people when they pay in advance for package holidays or for certain flights, a company representative said that many travellers, especially those who make arrangements independently, are still vulnerable to losses. 

A company representative explains that those who feel like they may save more by booking trips independently instead of buying a package can actually enjoy such discounts - until an unfortunate event occurs. The expert presents an all-too-common scenario: a traveller buys a flight directly from an airline then also books their accommodation directly with the hotel at the destination. If the airline suddenly goes out of business (unlikely, but it happens) the traveller can still take up the accommodation if they find an alternative means of reaching the destination. However, if not, they will suffer a loss with the hotel booking ‘as a consequence’ of the problem with the airline. Hence, the phrase ‘consequential loss’, which simply means the traveller ends up paying for something they are not able to use. 

Often, those who skip buying just a simple single trip travel insurance coverage will suffer from such a loss. However, it's also worth noting that not all insurers provide acceptable protection from such unfortunate events—one is still advised to exercise due diligence when shopping around for the right policy. 

Among the UK’s leading travel insurance companies, Insuremore has provided protection to hundreds of thousands of travellers through its various features-rich products - such as single trip travel insurance, annual travel insurance and family holiday insurance coverage. Over the years, it has won the appreciation of the industry and the travelling public, with a number of awards and certificates to prove it. 

About Insuremore: 

Insuremore provide a range of low-cost travel insurance policies for the B2C market, including single-trip, multi-trip and family insurance. Contact them at http://insuremore.co.uk/

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