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Villas in Sicily Help Boost European Tourist Traffic Into Italy

A recent study has shown that the number of European tourists visiting Italy during the winter holiday season has grown by as much as 55% in relation to previous years – a phenomenon which can, in part, be attributed to rental villas in Sicily.

A steady growth

According to the survey, undertaken by the Italian National Agency For Tourism, the bulk of these tourists come from German-speaking markets, which have long been a prime target for Italian tourism campaigns. Travellers from Germany, Austria and the German-speaking portion of Switzerland accounted for an average of almost €2.5 billion in revenue on the first trimester of 2013, and a grand total of almost €6.5 billion in 2012!

Aside from the Germans, the nation, which, according to the study, booked the most holidays in Italy, was the Russians. Russian tour operators reported a growth of 20% in the number of bookings for Italy during the 2013 holiday season when compared to the previous year.

Other countries where the survey uncovered increases in the number of bookings for the Mediterranean ‘boot’ included the nations which form the United Kingdom, as well as the Czech Republic and the Nordic/Scandinavian Nations. Also subject to growth, albeit less prominent, were the United States, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. While not relevant to the Christmas season statistics, India and China were also revealed to have had a higher number of bookings this year, with increases of 5% and an impressive 20%, respectively. As such, the only country which actually experienced a decrease in this regard was Hungary.

But while most of these bookings were for ski holidays in the Italian Alps (which stands to reason given the time of the year), the ever-popular rental villas in Sicily might also have played a part in this state of affairs. While more enjoyable in warmer weather, this type of accommodation is popular year-round, and the idyllic beauty of the Italian south ensures a steady flow of tourists to Sicily and its surrounding regions even in inclement weather.

This survey, the numbers for which were culled from reports by leading tour operators in 28 countries – 18 in Europe and 10 abroad – also showed a total increase of 62% in the number of tourists from outside Europe arriving in Italy during the 2013 winter season.

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