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Virginia Tech Researchers Seek To Improve Working Conditions For Manassas Plumbers

A team of Virginia Tech researchers is currently looking into ways of ridding plumbing lines of dangerous pathogens, a move which could improve the quality of life for many people, including Manassas plumbers.

Research into pathogens

The investigation being spearheaded by these four researches centers around four dangerous pathogens frequently found in tap water, even in developed countries. The scientists propose to fight off this threat with harmless microbes, therefore cleaning up the plumbing systems in the area and making them safe for not only the people whose homes the pipelines serve, but also the Manassas plumbers who often have to come in direct contact with the aforementioned pathogens.

To carry out this probiotic fight, the scientists are equipped with a variety of cutting-edge DNA tools, developed and made available online within the past five years. These tools allow for unprecedented research of microbes, amoebas and pathogens, which is likely to become invaluable should this ‘war’ be carried out.

In addition to the findings provided by said tools, this team of researchers has also culled valuable information from observation, most notably from tests carried out on pathogenic free-living amoebas, and from previous studies on the field of colonizing microbes and opportunistic pathogens.

According to the scientists in question, these opportunistic life forms – so called because they prey on the weakened – thrive in an environment such as the one provided by home plumbing systems. This is why it is so important that this new measure be carried out, in order to protect families and plumbing professionals, such as Manassas plumbers, from coming in contact with these organisms.

Also according to the scientists, microbes are the ideal way to get rid of these pathogens, since they do not present the barriers that chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines present.

As a result of their study, argued in a case article in a specialized journal, the four investigators were granted $300.000 over three years to carry out this project.

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