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Topson Furniture Ltd Launched New Series Of Hi-Tech Designer Lamps

Los Angeles, USA; 02/07/2014: The Demand of the Power Efficient domestic lamps has significantly increased in the last few years. The Annual Reports of the major Electrical and Electronic Companies in the US revealed the gradual uptrend in the Sales of Power Efficient Lamps over the last Decade. However, the identical pattern is visible in the graphs of the Demand of the antique designer lamps as well. On the basis of this research work and the rising demand from the Global Market, the popular Company, Topson Furniture Ltd, has decided to cover up this part with its brand new series of the designer lighting for Home and Offices. Apart from the affordable cost of the new product series, there are various other patterns that are highly beneficial in making these antique style lamps popular in the Global Market.

The Reports of the Experiments by the Experts of the Company reveal that their new Designer Lamps Series is power efficient as compared to that from others in the market. The experts agree that these lamps, although, are not super power efficient like the LED Lamps, a significant amount of power is saved on the continuous use. “We have tried to make them as Power Efficient as possible in the current time. We can claim that our new series of lighting products produces a brighter light within the least usage of Power.”, Chief Engineer, Topson Furniture Ltd, says, “We describe them as the fabulous technology integrated with the modern style of the antiquity.”.

As per the Reports of the Experiments and Verification by the Third Party Standard Organizations, the average model of this new series has 40 Watt bulb which, as per the estimation, consumes about 1 KWh of Electric Power on 25 Hours of continuous operation.

The complete series of these designer lamps including the highly popular Arne Jacobsen lamp models are available on the Official Website of the Company. For this, the Company has made many modifications for accommodating the space for its new products. Experts believe that it will prove to be a great turning point not only for the company, but also for the whole world altering the way high lumen lights are used.

The Official Sources of the Company revealed that their lamps are highly Geometric in the form. Each designer lamp is designed by keeping the Orientation and Ergonomic Factors in mind. Hence, each model of the lamp is highly sophisticated and easy to use. As per the Users’ Reviews, the designer lamps by the company are highly flexible and portable in nature. “I was amazed finding all features in one product. It’s portable, highly adjustable, so bright and power efficient. It’s perfect for my home.”, Review by the Customer of Topson Furniture Ltd.

Topson Furniture Ltd has comes up with lots of modifications and innovative models in the Market. However, its experts are still busy finding the new revolutionary lightings for home. As per the News from the Official Source, the Experts of the Company are developing brand new models of the lamps that will be highly Power Efficient. For detailed info about modern serge mouille ceilling lamp and other products of the series, always feel free to visit www.topsonlighting.com

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Topson Furniture Ltd is a highly reputed company and a leading Designer and Manufacturer of the Home Decorative Products. Recently, it has launched the new series of the designer lamps with special Power Efficiency.

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