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Ravi Kumar Yadav Participates in Pada Yatra and meets People to Solve Problems in the Serligampally Constituency

The young General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress has again made his presence felt at Anjaiah Nagar. Also participated in a Pada Yatra at PJR Nagar, Yellammabanda, Kukatpally to solve few issues in his constituency.

Ravi Kumar Yadav

Ravi Kumar Yadav, Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress general secretary has lead a Pada Yatra at Kukatpally to strengthen the peoples demand for solving few issues in the Serlingampally constituency. The Pada Yatra attracted a wide section of Kukatpalli’s population from all walks of life particularly the youth.

Ravi Kumar

The local Municipal councilor hailed Ravi Kumar’s involvement “Our young leader has always believed in betterment of lives my creating healthy environment where children can be brought up as good citizens. He loves to lead from the front, being with the people and them along with him”.


He led a delegation of the locals to present their formal demand to the Municipal Commissioner who assured them to take immediate steps and initiate a debate in the Municipal Council to focus the issue and take it further. 

Ravi Kumar also visited Anjaih Nagar to meet people who need some help or support to succeed in their respective motives. He expressed empathy after hearing them individually and committed help as much as possible. He also highlighted a few criminal cases in the constituency and how the administration to deal with such issues to make Serlingampally safer for its people. 

A youth was heard saying, “Ravi Kumar’s presence has not only instilled courage in us but also inspired us to stand up against any wrong doing that could harm the society. His continuous involvement with people at the grass roots, spreading the message of creating a better society also reaffirms the belief that success can be counted only by the number of people you bring with you”. 

The pada yatra at PJR Nagar, Yellammabanda, and Kukatpally was organized on February 04, 2014. He met people of Anjaih Nagar on the same day. 


Ravi Kumar Yadav, an enthusiastic young leader and general secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress, is ever eager to motivate the youth and take up social issues through active participation. He believes in people power and willing to carry them with him in creating social awareness for the development of the society. For more information about him, visit http://www.ravikumaryadav.com

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