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11 February, 2014: A life without dreams is unimaginable because it is the dreams that change into ambitions and ultimately transform into reality. Thus it is always good to dream but it is rather unfortunate that as human beings grow from an infant to an adult, there sleeping patterns change and they are devoid of dreaming. But the presence of dreams in our life is important and this is the reason why the concept of lucid dreaming is gaining a lot of momentum these days. In simple words, lucid dreaming is a process when a person knows the fact that he is dreaming i.e. he indulges in a conscious dream. Lucid dreaming is a practice that has nothing to do with any kind of psychological imbalance or religious beliefs, it is a simple and pure way of gaining peace. 

Lucid dreaming is a practice that needs guidance and perfection and this is the reason why lucid dreaming training holds an important position in this regard. One cannot just sit back and experience a lucid dream, thus it becomes imperative to take proper training and no one knows the art of lucid dreaming training better than us at www.astralzen.comOnce you get in touch with our lucid dreaming experts, you can be sure of having the best experience of your lifetime. We have special training sessions for beginners that have interest in lucid dreaming but haven’t got the right opportunity to indulge in one. 

There are basically two methods in which a beginner can have a lucid dream- WILD which is Wake induced lucid dream and DILD i.e. Dream induced lucid dream. A WILD is experienced when a person goes to a dream state from a wakeup position directly and a DILD is experienced when a person is transformed into reality because of his/her dreams and there is sudden consciousness. In order to experience your first ever lucid dream, one can have a beginner’s lucid dreaming training from our experts that comprise of a one-to-one training session based on both theoretical and practical approach of lucid dreaming. It has been observed that most of the people have a lot of questions about this concept and by going through this amazing session they can get answers to all their questions and queries easily. 

There are chances that a beginner experiencing this dream wants to take his/her interest further and wants to explore more horizons of lucid dreaming. Keeping this view in mind, our website even has options to take an intermediate and an advanced level coaching in lucid training. Both these training sessions are offered at the most affordable prices and offer an insight into deep spirituality and meditation. In case if you are still wondering whether to indulge in lucid dreaming or not, let us make you aware about its benefits. Lucid dreaming makes its practitioner a lot more relaxed, calmer and happier which is unlikely of what most of the people live their lives today. Lucid dreaming is a way of having a deep insight of who you actually are, your own reality and needs. 

Thus all in all, lucid dreaming training is a great way of exploring one’s inner self and gaining inner peace and solace. Come and experience a wonderful lucid dream session with us.

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