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New Management to Spruce Up Vagabond Inn in Monterey, California

Monterey, California; February 12, 2014: Vagabond Inn is a quaint hotel situated along the Monterey Peninsula in California. It was recently announced that the hotel has been acquired by San Francisco Lodging, LLC. 

Under its new management, the Vagabond Inn is set to undergo several changes as part of the hotel’s focus on providing better value and service to all of their guests. A primary focus would be the enhancement of the physical appearance of the Monterey hotel. Management aims to give the hotel a fresh and modern ambiance by taking advantage of the unique architectural layout and design of the building. 

The rooms of the Vagabond Inn will also be getting a much needed upgrade based upon the input that the hotel has been receiving in the past. One advantage that the new management will maximize on is the fact that Vagabond inn offers comparably larger rooms than any other hotel in the Monterey area. San Francisco Lodging understands that comfort and cleanliness is top priority for any guest, which is why room improvements are also their top priority. 

However, apart from the rooms and the facilities of the hotel, customer service is very important as well. Common complaints in any hotel would be poor customer service which is why the new management will be aiming for better booking processes, housekeeping, maintenance and front desk assistance. 

Aside from improvements to the hotel, the new management is taking a more family-oriented approach. This is why children under 18 years of age are free of charge when staying at Vagabond Inn with their parents. Moreover, Vagabond Inn is ideally situated within just a few minutes from many tourist and local attractions that’s perfect for the family. Being only half a mile from the California coast and downtown Monterey is another winning feature of the site. In addition, San Francisco Lodging is also proud of the fact that Vagabond Inn is only 5 minutes away from one of the largest aquariums in the world, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Aside from these attractions, the Vagabond Inn is only a stone’s throw away from must see sights like the very popular Pebble Beach Golf Course and the Laguna Seca Speedway. 

While their focus has shifted to a more family friendly accommodations service, the new management maintains that the hotel will still be an excellent option for single tourists and business travelers who are visiting the Monterey, California area. Each room will come with complimentary continental breakfasts, cable TV, parking, and WiFi access. 

For more information about Vagabond Inn – Monterey California Hotel, visit their website at http://www.vagabondinn-monterey.com

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