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Barreto Marketing Group Launches www.BarretoMarketing.com

San Diego, CA, February 2014: Barreto Marketing Group has officially launched BarretoMarketing.com, a website devoted to handling all of your marketing needs in one convenient place.

Barreto Marketing Group (BMG) specializes in professional website design, search engine optimization, marketing, branding, photography, and much more. They understand that it is difficult to design and develop a website on your own and aim to simplify the process as well as overall costs to individuals and businesses. Let BMG handle the stress of properly getting your business online so that you can get back to working and doing what you love.

Barreto Marketing Group strives to make their impact in the world by lending a hand in making it a better place. As such, the owners have elected to donate 3% of all proceeds to the charity of their clients’ choice. BMG does this in hopes of not only making a small impact, but also giving their clients the satisfaction of knowing that they are giving back while investing in their own business.

Barreto Marketing Group was founded by soon to married couple, Adrian Barreto and Robin Emett in San Diego California. Ms. Emett has over 10 years of experience working in the web design/marketing field and has helped countless companies get on the map within their industries and targeted communities. Mr.

Barreto attended school at the Art Institute of California and has experience throughout many avenues of the multimedia industry. His schooling and experience has provided him all the knowledge and contacts necessary to recruit and build the ideal marketing team at BMG.

Using their diverse backgrounds, the owners of Barreto Marketing Group are able to connect with a wide array of clients and maintain genuine working relationships with each person they come in contact with. If you or a business owner you know is interested in creative website design and marketing services, contact BMG today.

For more information check out www.BarretoMarketing.com or email the team directly at Info@BarretoMarketing.com

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