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Scholars reveal the relation between Gnosticism and the Holy Grail.

Gnosticism is a gospel that predates the birth of Jesus Christ. This pre Christian religion differentiates the god of the Old Testament from the Jesus Christ of the New Testament. This gospel believes that the New Testament’s god is higher and more abstract from the earlier god. Their purpose is to find what is considered the ultimate spiritual knowledge and utilize it to achieve that final unity with God.

Many people consider its teachings as the gateway to find answers concerning the soul and many questions about god that has not been answered even after centuries of scholarship. The teachings of Gnosticism are visibly different from that of the teaching of today’s Christianity. Many people question this and would like to know and really understand the relation between the two.

This teaching has been particularly prevalent in the second century, which is evident from the numerous references made in the proto-orthodox literature. Even with the radical shift from scholarship to science and technology, the quest to get answers from the gateway of Gnostic teachings has not stopped. If one takes a closer look, several communities especially among the educated show a burning thirst to delve deeper into this teaching and get answers.

There is so much aura and curiosity that surrounds this teaching. Its origin alone is highly debated among the scholars and various religious leaders. While a good number of scholars theorize that it has its roots dating back to the pre-Christian period, there are still others who strongly state that it is a clear off shoot of Christianity. Whatever its origin maybe, nothing will be able to diminish its magnanimity and the prominence it holds even in today’s scholar and educated circle.

There is that constant emphasis on scholarship and education when it comes to Gnostics not because of the fact that it is limited to only the learned but because it offers so much education even to the uneducated. For more information please go to http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/gnostics.html

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