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Books for tweens blog celebrates new ebook by New York Times best-selling children’s author Stacia Deutsch

All this month BooksForTweensBlog.com, a blog showcasing the best books for tweens and middle grade readers, announced that they will be featuring a new ebook by New York Times best-selling children’s author Stacia Deutsch. Stacia and her writing partner Rhody Cohon collaborated once again on this story that features a stray dog that three middle schoolers find in a park and name Lucky Phoo after each is blessed with luck each time the lovable dog is near. 

Lucky Phoo

On the publishing of Lucky Phoo, Stacia Deutsch said, “I’ve been published for more than ten years and have been on the New York Best Seller List twice, but always wanted to reach out to the electronic market and to work with a smaller publishing house. When LUCKY PHOO was finished, I knew it was the perfect book to use to explore this frontier.” 

According to BooksForTweensBlog.com editor Chris Lawson, “We believe the next big trend in reading for children and middle graders will be on electronic devises so featuring Stacia Deutsch’s new offering in this medium seemed like a natural fit. It’s a delightful little book and it’s as close as a few clicks to download and read.” 

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