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Monitoring World Money Rates can Now be Done through Online Services

A few years ago, individual forex traders and serious forex businessmen were always faced with the trouble of monitoring the fluctuations of foreign exchange rates occurring in the forex market. But with the presence of various online services, monitoring global money rates can now be done in a breeze – and the data is even shown real-time! 

The forex market has experienced a major growth right from the time it has been established, even up to these days. As being the biggest financial market in the world, it is no longer surprising why a lot of forex traders, individuals and businessmen have been trying to get their hands on the trade. But as mentioned earlier, they have been facing the most common problem most traders faced – the absence of a real-time monitoring service which allows them to know the current foreign exchange rates in the market. 

Fortunately, the arrival of several forex services websites has made the process of monitoring foreign exchange rates possible. One such website, Canjean.Com and any other services out there provides real-time and regularly updated foreign currency exchange and world money rates, starting from the most commonly traded currencies like US dollar, Euro, Indian rupee, British pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, and Japanese Yen, to the least commonly traded currencies from all parts of the world. 

“We have created this website with one sole purpose in mind – to provide our visitors with a real-time monitoring of the world’s currencies. It is our answer to the current problem faced by most forex traders and businessmen who just can’t seem to get their hands on real-time foreign exchange rates” said the website owner of Canjean. “We want to do our best to help them succeed; we want them to be an efficient Forex trader”, he added. 

Other than providing real-time statistics of the current foreign exchange rates in the forex market, the site also offers a free currency converter calculator, which happens to be a very crucial tool for every forex trader, providing them with accurate conversions and calculations with relative ease. The database consists of more than 150 currencies which one can choose from to convert. 

Other features included 

Aside from real-time monitoring and a free currency converter calculator, various forex monitoring services also come with a foreign currency exchange chart, which enables the visitors to take a look at the constant fluctuations of various currencies around the world. Through this, forex traders can easily make forecasts for a pair of currency by taking a look at the rise and fall of the pair, then forecasting which “direction” it is mostly “anticipated” to go. 

Some sites, such as Canjean, even includes a blog regarding forex news posted on their website, which is updated on a regular basis to provide forex traders and businessmen an insight of the current happenings inside the forex market. 

“By providing the visitors with user-friendly information through our site’s blog, we can be able to help them pull those data and information regarding forex that they might just be looking for”, said Canjean’s owner.

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