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Demand Of Mid Size Oven Toasters Is 17% More Than That Of Small Size – Survey Report By ReviewsHQ

Los Angeles, California; 02/13/2013: The boom of the Home Appliances in the Market from different brands has increased the competition to a significant extent. Last Fiscal, dramatic change of 23% in the sales of the Home Appliances has been observed by the Market Analysts. Within the last few years, a special pattern in the sales of the best toaster oven has alarmed Marketing Experts. The shift in the buyers is clearly visible towards the product reviewed by the famous review website, ReviewsHQ. This website has been offering quality reviews about the products for a long time and has earned as valuable respect in its field of work. 

Recently, the Experts from the Survey Team of ReviewsHQ conducted an Open Chain Survey as the part of their analysis for the modern Oven Toasters. The survey venue was the shopping malls and vicinity of the kitchen appliance showrooms. The survey was conducted over 200+ Subjects, inquiring about their need and their views about different brands of Oven Toaster. The report of the survey revealed that more than 78.41% subjects, out of whom about 90.14% were women, described the Mid-Sized Oven Toaster as the best cooking appliance for their kitchen. Interestingly, nearly all of them (98.23%) has a spacious kitchen to sustain big sized oven toaster, yet preferred the midsized. 

The Experts of the ReviewsHQ described the Efficiency as the prominent reason why people prefer Midsized Oven Toaster over that of other sizes. This includes power Efficiency, Cooking Time, Heating Efficiency and Portability. “The Medium Size of Toaster is good for my family. It cooks breakfast in clicks, take less space.”, a Review by Kally Smith, An Oven Toaster User, “I can easily switch between my dining table and kitchen. A midsized Toaster is really Lightweight.”. 

Talking about the Power Consumption, the Reviews by the Experts suggest that a Midsized Oven consumes about 5% less power than a Full Size Oven. Also, it is 12% more Efficient than a small oven, thus, saving power units again. Furthermore, the toaster oven reviews suggest that 14% people love to have midsized oven just because of its Portable and Modular Look that syncs with the overall theme of their kitchen. On the other hand, about 63% women prefer it due to its Portability and Ease of Use. 

The ReviewsHQ is one of the well reputed product review sites that offer the reviews for different varieties of the modern products in the market including the Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances and lots more. Each product sample is thoroughly analyzed and tested for its best performance before it is compared to other brands. Also, the reviews by its regular users are taken in account before publishing the final honest reviews about the products, in order to deliver the best quality services to its visitors. 

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