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Binary Options Experts Present: Binary Options trading in the UK

Since 2011, the number of trades in the UK using binary options has gone up more than eight times, report trading specialists. The popularity of binaries has risen due to the straight forward choices in trading. The price of a share, index or commodity goes up or down. There are only two outcomes and these are risk and reward. And trades are highly transparent, making trading very attractive.

"Binary predictions allow traders to invest with very limited risk," report trading specialists. "You can invest on equity indices, individual shares, exchange rates or commodities. These types of trades appeal to novices and experienced traders since the maximum profit and loss is known from the very beginning."

Investors receive a disbursement if they properly forecast the direction in an asset’s worth. Usually the payout is a percentage and between 70 percent and 90 percent. If you win you will gain back your investment plus the percentage. If you predict wrong you will lost your original investment.

An underlying asset can change by as low as 1 point or 100. The result is the same. All you need to predict is the movement. Binaries are a bit like betting sporting events. You can stake a certain amount on what will happen or not happen. As soon as your prediction or "bet" is placed you can see the maximum you will gain or lose.

It does not matter which way an asset goes. All you need to do is predict the movement, not the exact number, i.e. if will eventually hit. The binary option will never go below zero which gives another measure of security. Trading Abroad

In the UK as in other countries, there are many different ways to trade using binaries. You can make short-term investments that cover only a few minutes to a more medium term that lasts over a week or more. You can also customize your bets and predictions. Tailor your own risk.

Some types of binaries allow the experienced trader the opportunity to bet on levels of volatility rather than directing movements. Use a binary and back the FTSE to move a certain number of points in either direction and make more money with higher payouts.

Most investors for binary trading in the UK look to the FTSE, the euro/dollar currency pairing and the Dow. Do note that in binaries, the movement is in small time frames. This makes trading and investing almost like tossing a coin. Average binary options payouts are around 80% in UK trading. As with other types of trading, read and study before you jump into the market.

Popular Platforms

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