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Performance-Tracking App to Interest Avid Skiers

A recently developed Android app for recording and tracking ski performance stats could interest avid skiers booking holidays with companies such as Ski Amis.

The functionality, dubbed ‘Ski Pursuit’, is the brainstorm of a small mobile software development company and has been in the Android market since the end of last year. Although it is still relatively early on in its life, Ski Pursuit is expected to become a must-have application for ski enthusiasts the world over, as it offers previously unheard-of possibilities.

The role of the app is to basically serve as a mixture between a Personal Digital Assistant, a stopwatch and a pedometer. Skiers out on the piste can activate it and use it to assess, at a glance, what their stats were for any particular run. The specific information they can glean from the display includes their maximum and average speeds, the distance they skied, the duration of the run and the levels of ascent and descent they experienced on that piste. By comparing these stats to those of previous runs, skiers can determine an idea of their progress throughout the length of their sessions.

Most importantly, the Ski Pursuit app also allows winter sports enthusiasts to save the aforementioned information, so they can refer back to it at any time whenever they need comparison. More social (or bragging-prone) practitioners can also upload and share their statistics to websites such as Facebook or Twitter, to make their fellow skiers aware of the advances they have made on their latest escapade on the slopes. Furthermore, the app also functions as a GPS, allowing skiers to view a map of the piste both beforehand and in real time, as well as assess their exact speed at any given moment by tapping on the cursor.

The Ski Pursuit app also contains a number of lesser features and configuration options, making it a versatile tool for skiing enthusiasts booking holidays with companies such as Ski Amis. This app is available for Android systems as well as for the iPhone 5.

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