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Facebook Group Unites Travellers Who Vacation in Menorca

One of the most popular groups on Facebook at this point in time is the one bringing together people, both from Spain and abroad, who regularly spend a vacation in Menorca.

The point of this group is to bring attention to some of what the members call Menorca’s ‘secret places’ - that is to say, locations off the beaten path and less travelled by the tourists and holidaymakers who seasonally arrive on the island. Its popularity may have to do precisely with that – many holidaymakers want to explore lesser-known spots during their vacation in Menorca, and this group allows them to discover the island’s best-hidden secrets directly ‘from the horse’s mouth’. 

The genesis of this social group – perhaps the most active dedicated group about Menorca in the entirety of social media – was a series of videos depicting some of the ‘secret places’ the name refers to. These were shared on YouTube, the other great social sharing hub, and eventually began to bring together people with a passion and desire to know the island from the perspective of a local, rather than a tourist. 

Over time, the group transcended its original purpose and became a repository for all sorts of material about the island: from old snapshots which spark ‘then and now’ comparisons to newspaper clippings about the ‘secret places’, aerial views or simply photos of the members’ latest vacation in Menorca. What is best, is that the group is open, which allows any person on Facebook who happens to come across it to contribute to the discussion and archives with their own piece. 

Aside from serving as a hub for all things Menorca-related, the group also promotes a sense of community not at all usual for an aggregation of its size: despite sharing a space with more than 5.000 people, some of the members of the group are currently planning to take a vacation in Menorca together! 

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