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Brazil Makes EDITION29 the Top Paid iPad App In The Apple App Store Newsstand

Los Angeles; February 15, 2014: EDITION29 announces their position as the top in paid apps of magazines and newspapers in Brazil for the iPad.

As printed magazines and newspapers lose readership, sophisticated global readers are shifting to the iPad, and it is on the iPad that EDITION29 has taken a solid and consistent global lead as the next generation of technically advanced and visually stunning magazines crafted specifically to be sold for the iPad and tablets. In Brazil, EDITION29 started reaching the top 5 in June 2013 and now consistently out grosses local and global newspapers and magazines. Additionally, EDITION29 is now available for sale in over 110 countries, making it the largest tablet specific global platform for newspapers and magazines sales.


The EDITION29 tablet publishing platform enables the multi-layering of media elements to create a new form of crafted atmospheric and visceral editorial storytelling that is exclusively geared towards harnessing the capabilities of the tablet medium for iOS, Android and soon to be released version of EDITION29 reimagined for Windows tablets.

With its latest version release, EDITION29 has stretched the possibilities in utilizing the tablet medium to tell a story by incorporating the atmospherics that surround a reported event, by allowing the layering of stunning photographs, audio, video, text and interaction. EDITION29 editorial is created with a focus on visual narratives that appeal to the internationalist tablet media consumer such as: architecture/design, automotive, news and sports.


The Los Angeles based EDITION29 was built around the recognition that traditional print publishing models and their digital editions have become unsustainable regional-centric businesses with large redundant legacy costs and rapidly dwindling dedicated print revenues.

The EDITION29 publishing platform has enabled the company to deliver unmatched atmospheric content that is built and optimized exclusively for the tablet. EDITION29 has built the largest group of new tablet exclusive paid editorial titles that is distributed in over 110 countries. As a result, EDITION29 has become the global leader in downloadable paid editorial magazines imagined and crafted for the tablet generation.

Presently valued at over $300 Million (USD), EDITION29 has a tested, powerful, highly-scalable and profitable global business model based on a proprietary publishing platform that has been refined over 3 years. EDITION29 has garnered the top position in the ongoing race to reinvent the $100+ billion print magazine business with a platform that gives both the user and the sponsor a unique and powerful new experience only possible on the Tablet.

EDITION29 was founded by digital innovators Ninan Kurien and Joseph Shak, who have a deep background and understanding of media in the digital world. Past digital ventures by Ninan Kurien and Joseph Shak have been venture funded by firms such as Allen & Co., Time Warner, Audax, EMap, and Intel.

PRESS CONTACT: info@edition29.com
WEBSITE: www.edition29.com

EDITION29 titles include:
EDITION29 HOUSED: https://itunes.apple.com/app/edition29-housed/id560609307
EDITION29 CAR NOTES: https://itunes.apple.com/app/edition29-car-notes/id685060627
EDITION29 THE IO: https://itunes.apple.com/app/edition29-the-io/id596590240
EDITION29 RETURN OF THE SURFER: https://itunes.apple.com/app/edition29-return-surfer/id56567741

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