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American Travel Expo Shows Growth In Popularity For European River Cruises

The recently held Los Angeles Times Travel Show demonstrated that European river cruises have experienced a considerable surge in popularity among American customers. 

The show, held in mid-January in the California state capital, featured a panel on European river cruises amongst its main attractions. It was there that a team of experts discussed the rise of this type of cruise in the American market, and dissected its advantages and particular features when compared to seafaring cruises. 

The panel, which included representatives from some of the major companies in the field, began by acknowledging the expansion of this type of cruise as compared to only a few decades previously. More and more companies seem to be offering European river cruises, with some even extending their services to destinations in Asia and beyond. Similarly, many of these companies are now offering complimentary boarding for bicycles, kayaks and other accoutrements of the active young traveller, even if the average age of their customers is still quite considerable. 

The group then went on to discuss the fundamental difference between river barge cruises and seafaring cruise ship trips: namely the fact that the former are undertaken in much smaller vessels, typically holding 150-200 passengers (as opposed to the 3.000 or so a cruise liner would take) and possessing none of the amenities typically found in even the more affordable of the larger boats. The structure of the trip is also significantly different between these two types of cruises, with the smaller river cruises usually making a call to port every night and focusing more on the sightseeing aspect and the destinations comprised in the trip, as opposed to offering amusement within the boat itself. 

The speakers also focused on the most popular rivers for European river cruises, a list which is led by the Danube and the Rhine, but also includes the Seine, the Dordogne, the Rhone and the Po. Finally, they gave some attention to the increasing awareness of these types of cruises among the American public, a situation which was virtually unfathomable as recently as a couple of decades ago. 

This talk, which took place before the opening of the show proper, was mostly designed to keep travel agents abreast of the growths and changes in the field. 

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