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Unlimiters Assistive Technology helps individuals perform the simple as well as the impossible.

Assistive Technology, also popularly known as Adaptive Technology is the umbrella term that covers all devices and equipments meant for assisting individuals with physical disabilities. While some of these technological pieces increase the ability to do everyday functions, others maintain or improve on both the everyday work as well as the impossible. 

UNlimiters has given to whole new definition to the concept of Assistive Technology. While many similar companies are run and administered by people with full physical abilities, this particular company stands out in the fact that it was first founded by Justin Farley, a genius suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He says that the sole purpose of the Company rose out of his passion to advocate that unlimited living is actually possible for individuals limited by physical disabilities. Each technological device is thoroughly tested by the Justin Farley, before it is decided whether the device will be helpful enough for others. 

The Company’s devices are not at all sophisticated and difficult to handle. Unlimiters’ purpose is to make the device as easy to handle as possible, so that the only challenge for the user is to achieve the target activity. Most of the devices sold in the market are complicated and difficult to handle thereby turning it into a hindrance for the user instead of aiding the user. The devices offered by the Company are varied and far-reaching. While some of the devices are as simple as helping the user to pick up sugar cubes in place of hopelessly trying to balance a teaspoon, others help individuals challenged with physical disabilities to scale mountains, travel alone and do much more. 

The founder of the company believes that both the complicated and the simple is necessary just as a physically fit individual performs both the simple and difficult task. The target is to give as much independence to the user. For more information please go to http://www.unlimiters.com/ 

About unlimiters.com: 

Unlimiters is a Company for providing assistive technology to the physically challenged. The founder, Justin Farley, a victim of cerebral palsy himself, is determined to help people with similar disabilities to achieve the same independence that he has achieved.

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