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Swap Bridal Shoes for Boots For Winter Snow Weddings, Experts Recommend

Several bridal designers, hair stylists and wedding planners have recently come on record to advise couples intending to have weddings in the snow to swap traditional bridal shoes for boots, amongst other helpful hints.

The advice came in the wake of a number of pieces published across several fashion blogs and online news outlets, chronicling the increasing popularity of ‘snow weddings’. According to these articles, this type of knot-tying ceremony is popular even despite adverse weather conditions, mostly due to the fairytale quality the snowy backdrop affords the ceremony.

As far as the advice itself goes, designers generally and predictably stress the need for brides and grooms to bundle up when having an outside wedding during winter. According to these experts, brides should not only forgo their bridal shoes in favour of thick boots, but also make sure the material for their dress is warm and snug enough to withstand chilly temperatures. Satins and brocades are among the most recommended materials, with stoles or capes for added warmth also being popular suggestions.

Where hair is concerned, stylists recommend simplicity, pointing out that elegant up or down hairdos are prevalent this winter. Whatever the style, the bride should be careful to guard against weather-related hair issues with an appropriate product.

For the entire bridal party, metallic and jewelled accents are considered a great option, as they fit in with the ‘chilly’ theme provided by the snow. Similarly, wintry accessories are encouraged for the wedding photos - images in mittens, scarves, woolly hats or thick boots can be extremely cute and give a winter wedding the special, quirky touch it deserves. Flowers should not, however, be taken outside, as they might wilt, the interviewed designers advise. The use of a static guard for the bridal party is also among the recommended tips.

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