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Balearic Islands Make €11 Million From Tourists Renting a Villa In Spain

Holidaymakers renting a villa in Spain, and specifically in the Balearic islands, were responsible for that region netting nearly €11 million in income in 2013.

The numbers come from a nationwide enquiry recently made by the Spanish Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism to gauge how much tourists renting a villa in Spain contributed to the country’s economy. The same study also showed that, in the Balearic Islands, average daily expenditure for a local had risen by roughly 4%, with the current value hovering around 114 euros. For a foreigner, these figures were even higher, with the total growth coming in at around 1.1% and the daily expenditure averaging 962 euros. As a result, the total expenditure of all the visitors to the islands over the course of 2013 was roughly 9.5% higher when compared to the previous year.

The study also broke down these values according to each period of the year, and in this regard it may be interesting to know that tourists visiting the Balearics during December of last year contributed a grand total of over 70 million euros to the archipelago’s coffers – a growth of roughly 9.5%, on a par with the increase in the number of tourists. Contrary to this tendency, however, the average daily expenditure for a local plummeted by 2.9% to only 84 euros – the biggest drop in the entire country. For tourists, there was a slight growth of 0.2% in this field, up to 900 euros.

Most of these numbers most likely come from Mallorca – still one of the leading places in which to rent a villa in Spain – but there is no reason not to think that Menorca might have a say in these figures as well. While very different from its larger neighbour, the smallest Balearic island has a reputation as a safe haven for families and guests seeking a quieter type of holiday, away from the bustle of Mallorca.

Aside from figures about expenditure in the Balearics, the study also included numbers for the other regions of Spain, with Catalonia leading the growth spurt and netting over 15 million euros over the past year. Second place belongs to the Canary Islands, with the Balearics coming in third.

Expenditure was also broken down by nationality in this study, with Britons unsurprisingly leading the ranks. Following close behind were German and French visitors, in second and third place respectively.

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