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MotoLoan Dropped Down Its APR To 154.4% To Attract Customers

London, UK; 02/18/2014: In past Two Years, the demand of the Logbook Loan has increased up to 15.70%, including 5% shares for the Logbook Loan Companies lending the Credit on the Automotive Vehicles. As per the Latest Standards by the Authorities, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a general Logbook Loan is set to be above 400%. However, many companies are observed to offer the affordable LogBook Loans London, offering as low as 350% (average) APR. As per an announcement by the Media Releases, the MotoLoan Company has dropped down its APR recently to 154.4%, hence, being the most affordable quality Logbook Loan Services in the entire UK.

The MotoLoan Officials claim that they provide the highly affordable logbook loan, along with top notch services to their customers. The Company offers the loan based upon the cars as the major mortgage option. Recently, the Company has added the number of Prestigious Cars in their list, including the 1933 ROLLS ROYCE 20/25 4/5 SEAT CONVERTIBLE and Bentley Continental Gt Coupe V8 Mulliner Driving Spec 2dr Auto 4.0 for higher amount of credit, say £42000 or higher.

As per the Reports of the Official Sources, the MotoLoan accepts Motor Bikes, Trikes, Caravans, Lorries and even the small Aircrafts. Furthermore, the Records of the Company describe the excellent service along with no hidden charges, highly friendly services and affordable LogBook Loans Nottingham services. “The MotoLoan offered me £1000 on my car. I paid only £1720 after 12 months.”, John Prince, customer of MotoLoan, said, “I chose MotoLoan as the first option and now it is my choice forever.”

The Statistics by the MotoLoan revealed that more than 90% of its customers, who went for another Logbook Credit Services, found the MotoLoan as the most affordable one. Moreover, the Company offers the flexible choice of multiple repayment of Interest depending upon the ability of the logbook loan customer to repay it.

Unlike others, the MotoLoan lets the customers keep their car with them during the Term Period of the Loan Repayment. The company only takes the cars’ Ownership Paper for the Security purpose. After the credit is fully repaid, the Security is returned to the owner as it was before. For the Eligibility, the company follows general rules. Any Resident of England, or Wales, who is above 18 Years of Age and have vehicle with all Legal Documents and its Insurance can apply for the Logbook Loan which is often chased in its Bank Account within an Hour, unlike many other LogBook Loans Liverpool services who take about 24 Hours for full Verification and Processing.

The MotoLoan has come up with really affordable APR for the Logbook Credit against the personal Vehicle. Also, its flexible services, no hidden charges, instant and friendly services have made it a top notch Logbook Loan Company in the UK.

For detailed info about MotoLoan and its Logbook loan services, visit www.motoloan.co.uk

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The MotoLoan is one of the most reputed and popular Logbook Loan Providers. It accepts a number of personal vehicles, including the Small Aircraft for higher credit amount.

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