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Shaanxi Allstate Technology, Manufacturers of Spare Parts and Mechanical Products in China

Shaanxi, China; 19/02/2014: Wheel chocks can be considered as vital tools that are designed specifically to prevent vehicles from moving or shifting when they are stationary. These tools are critical towards the prevention of accidents and even assist with employee safety. Shaanxi Allstate Technology Company based in China has been involved in the manufacture and export of various spare parts and mechanical products over the years. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of metal wheel chock in China known for its high durability and quality. The metal wheel chocks have great weather resistance along with being wear and corrosion resistant. Apart from that, they also come available with reflectors that are highly visible at night.

The silicone composite insulator manufactured by the company assist with improved product output as they have long service life and enhanced insulation property. The manufacturing process of every product takes place under proper supervision and guidance of the experts to make sure that high quality standards are adhered to. The insulators produced by the company are ideal for coastal deserts under maximum air temperature of 60°C. On top of that, these insulators can withstand severe cold weather temperatures of -40°C. This shows that Shaanxi Allstate Technology definitely puts a lot of emphasis towards maintaining the product quality and durability.

Apart from metal wheel chock and insulators, Shaanxi Allstate Technology is also a reputed and well established manufacturer of other mechanical products and spare parts like asynchronous motor, cast mold, shock absorber, spray gun, piston parts, sheet metal parts, forging parts and more. The products manufactured by the company are primarily used in medium and large industries including transportation industry and aerospace industry. The exceptional service and efficiency of the company is the main reason behind the huge popularity of their products across various overseas clients. Apart from manufacture and trade, Shaanxi Allstate Technology also offers its clients with OEM service whenever required.

The company was established in the year 2003 and since they have been actively involved in the development and export of different mechanical products and spare parts used across different industries. Their reputation and name is based on their attention towards maintaining high standard quality and meeting the requirements of the clients every time. The strict quality procedures maintained by the company clearly indicate their dedication and devotion towards providing clients with top class customer service and products. The company also caters to surface treatment and additional machining operation if required. Their high quality products and attentive customer service have earned them plenty of awards over the years. More and more number of companies from outside of China is making Shaanxi Allstate Technology their preferred choice regarding all types of mechanical products requirements.

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Shaanxi Allstate Technology is a China based company which specializes in the development and export of various types of mechanical products and spare parts.

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