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Introducing Talking Brochure, the New-age Digital GREEN Brand Building & e-Marketing Solution

New Delhi, February 19, 2014: According to a Forrester Research, digital marketing is going to take a quantum leap in the near future. They estimate that by 2016, the digital media will witness a spending to the tune of $77 billions, somehow overcoming the television ad spending. Undoubtedly, the online media is the future of advertising and businesses must start focusing on interactive and innovative online channels to reach their target audience. Keeping pace with the ongoing e-marketing initiatives, New Delhi based Communication Consultant, Arnav Anand, is now introducing Talking Brochure, a new and convincing way to convey the brand message to the target audience.

Talking Brochure

One can access this electronic brochure on the web and there is no need to print it. Thus, it’s a completely Green Solution and one can save huge printing costs. One just needs to forward the web link and the target audience can view the brand message presented creatively and in a rather appealing manner. Moreover, one can embed the brochure web link in their e-mailers and can use it to create a broader level of awareness and showcase the brand/product in a more presentable manner. One can embed their videos, walk-thru and other audio-visuals to make the presentation more powerful and convincing. It allows sharing on the social media to make the presentation more noticeable on the web.

Speaking about this innovative mode of digital presentation, Arnav says, “In 80’s, Television overtook the print media. We are again standing at the similar crossroad where the digital media will soon topple the television advertising, and advertisers need to focus on new and interactive ways of reaching their target customers.” In such a scenario, this e-brochure can prove an effective means to reach the target audience with a convincing and appealing brand message.

This type of visual presentation could be of great help for the product developers to showcase their brand’s unique attributes in a presentable manner. In the same manner, real estate companies can embed their walk-thru and floor plans to offer the complete look and feel of their projects. Event and exhibition organizers can also show their floor plans and it can be more compelling and saleable for them. “This digital brochure can offer immense opportunities enabling companies to reach their target audience, maintaining a powerful and convincing approach,” reveals Arnav.

They have a dedicated team of e-marketers, designers and content professionals for creating the electronic brochure that can deliver the precise message in a creative and interactive manner. For any queries related to brochure development, one may write to them at arnav@arnavanand.com

About Arnav Anand:

Arnav Anand is New Delhi based Content & Communication professional who has more focus on digital content and e-marketing initiatives. He runs several websites such ForPressRelease.com, ForNewsletters.com and others to help businesses deliver their communication to their respective target audience. He has actively been involved in creating new-age digital content such as audio-video presentations, infographics, newsletters, press releases and others.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Arnav Anand
Telephone: +91-11299684916, 8010649093
Email: arnav@arnavanand.com
Website: http://www.arnavanand.com

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