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Jen Selter Belfie Photos Get Thousands of Instagram Likes

Jen Selter might not be a resounding household name, but, if you are an avid Instagrammer; there is a big chance that you have encountered her #beliefs. Belief is a new social media word that has been coined to denote “butt selfies” or “body selfies”. The word belfie came into being when Jen Selter, a fitness buff, kept on posting photos of her body that emphasized her well-shaped bottom. This 20-year old NYC girl admits that the photos might be too showy but she simply wants to inspire people to achieve fitness by working out. 

Selter shows off her butt on Instagram in more than one hundred wacky and weird ways. She uploads daily belfie poses of herself working out in tight-fitting gym attire highlighting her well rounded bottom. This pretty brunette admitted that she rarely posts picture of her face on Instagram because people want to see more of her body. You will see belfies of this health conscious young woman straddling on a hot tub or a hallway, in a subway station entrance, in a gym, and much more. And every time she posts her belfies, they get thousand Instagram likes from nonetheless Hollywood A-listers Rihanna and Lady Gaga, among others. To date, this Instagram hottie has amassed 2 million followers including sports celebrities. One belfie picture of Selter straddling a hallway garnered 99,000 likes on Instagram. June one photo of this Instagram superstar squatting at the gym, on a workout ball or a yoga matt will automatically gain at around 80,000 Instagram likes. Having said that, thousands of Instagram users have already considered her as their fitness inspiration. 

Because of the thousand Instagram likes this Jillian Michaels-wanna be gets every time she posts her belfie photos on social media, it became an avenue to catch the attention of a wide range of talent agencies that want to sign her up as their model. Indeed, this single Jewish girl from New York has mastered the art of posting belfie photos that say fitness but has the word sexy written all over them. Apparently, her Instagram popularity paved the way for her to make fortune through public appearances, product endorsements, and pipeline, book, TV and fitness video projects. 

Andrew Witlieb, one of Legacy Agency’s principal, admitted, “She’s really taken two of the hottest things—health and fitness—and combined them with social media. She is going to be huge. She is incredibly dedicated to her craft, and that’s fitness. And she really understands social media. It’s a really unique combination.” 

For Instagram users who are aspiring to be just like Jen Selter, you can jumpstart your career by buying Instagram likes on your belfie photos and who know you might also get discovered by scouts that are just lurking around the social media networks looking for their next talent. 

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