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How to recover lost files from Maxtor hard drive after format and delete

Maxtor Corporation is one of the worlds leading suppliers of information storage solutions. The company has an expansive line of storage products for desktop computers, near-line storage, high-performance Intel-based servers and consumer electronics. Maxtor has a reputation as a proven market leader built by consistently providing high-quality products, and services and support for its customers.

Most of the Maxtor hard disk drive users must be troubled if they had lost the data stored on it accidentally. In fact, there are two main reasons for Maxtor hard drive data lost: logical and physical. Logical failure is usually because of a file-system corruption, virus, accidental formatting of the drive or deletion. But the Maxtor hard drive can be still recognized by the system BIOS, the logical problem just leads the Maxtor hard drive inaccessible. For example: sometimes it is necessary to format the partition when we reinstall the operating system or convert partition from FAT to NTFS, if we don't pay attention, and of course all the data will be lost after the formatting. It is also unavoidable that we may find the useful and precious data have been deleted after a few quick clicks. We may also lose our data after the virus infection. If the system BIOS does not identify the presence of the hard drive and your Maxtor hard drive is being inoperative, your Maxtor hard drive must be physically damaged.

For example,The Maxtor Black Armor drive isn't going to win any design contests; it's just a 5.17 inch by 3.32 inch black rectangle with a few silver accents and a small reflective strip on the front. The top of the drive has a single exposed USB 2.0 port for connecting to your computer, but, sadly, there's no FireWire.

It might not be the flashiest drive out there, but the Black Armor is all about internal security. Once you set a password, all your data is secured by Maxtor's government grade 128-bit encryption certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The encryption itself is built directly into the hardware, as opposed to other external hard drives that use software to protect data.

Reformatting hard drive does not erase all the data on the disk, only the data on the partition tables. So people can not access the files, however, if you accidentally reformat a disk that has important data,such as videos,office documents,photos.You may use Aidfile recovery for help.

If you have lost the data due to Maxtor hard drive accidental deletion, virus attacks, formatting, partition lost and operating system corruption, etc. Or you cannot point out the reason for Maxtor hard drive data lost, compared with the complicated and long time waiting manual data recovery, you may try..

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