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New Jersey, USA, 22nd February 2014: David Bird, 55-year old Wall Street Journal reporter went missing when he left his home in New Jersey for a walk on January 11, 2014. Hundreds of people are participating in the search being conducted and hundreds more are praying for his safety and quick return. Bird writes about gas and energy in the WSJ and covers renowned conglomerates. His family is suspicious about his disappearance and relates it to the fact that he covers information on these large corporations in a very truthful manner. Although, there is no real evidence for foul play, the possibility has not been ruled out completely by the authorities.

The FBI has also joined in the massive search ongoing for David Bird. The agents are assisting the Long Hill Township Police Department in the hunt. His wife has told the authorities that Bird left their home around four in the evening for a short walk. Bird is said to have left his mobile phone at home as well as his medications. He has undergone a liver transplant to recover from gastrointestinal virus infection and is prescribed to take his medicines twice a day. According to his family, regular ingestion of these medications is vital for his recovery and any failure in doing so can lead to fatal results.

Since the family reported about his disappearance, the police authorities have searched the entire area, wetlands, river area, and the woods. However, they have found no evidence or any clue that may provide any information on his whereabouts. However, a few days ago, his credit card was used in Mexico and the police and FBI are pursuing this area to help find David Bird. He is a father of two children covering the energy markets for Wall Street Journal and works for the Dow Jones. When he left home on 11th January, he was dressed in blue jeans, red jacket, glasses, and sneakers.

A webpage has been setup that is trying to raise money to fund the search. People are being urged to donate through this webpage and the contributions received will be used for promotion of the existing rescue and search efforts taken by volunteers and the authorities. The money will also be used to hire helicopters, provide aerial support, divers, boats, and other underwater support to continue the search. The funds collected through this webpage will also be used towards fees, search related equipment, and other expenditure incurred for his search. The page targets to raise fifty thousand dollars over a period of forty-three days.

The fifty thousand dollars are said to fund two days of dedicated search by private businesses that are willing to commit their efforts and time towards the search. The unutilized money will be handed over to the family members to reimburse any expenses directly related to this hunt. If any funds are still available, this money will be donated to a charitable organization. The webpage is also urging people to provide resources, such as boats, air support, divers, and any other services that can be useful in searching for David Bird.


The page help to find David Bird is setup to procure donations and contributions from various individuals. The money raised will be solely used to fund the search and any balance amount will be donated to a charity.

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