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Charity Calls To Haulage Companies To Perform Delivery Work For Flooding Victims

A UK charity dedicated to providing relief to farmers hit by adverse weather conditions has put out a call to local haulage companies, requesting drivers who can perform delivery work to local farms affected by the recent wave of floods in the British Isles. 

Speaking to a specialised source earlier this month, Forage Aid founder Andrew Ward – an arable farmer who started the charity in order to be able to help fellow farm owners affected by last year’s spell of bad weather – revealed he has several shipments of livestock feed donated by farmers all over the UK, which need to be transported to the areas most affected by flooding, such as Somerset or Wales. Ward therefore put out a call for help to any and all British haulage companies who could spare drivers to perform this relief delivery work. According to the founder of Forage Aid, the more firms help by sending drivers, the more the often expensive cost of transporting forage can be shared. 

Thus far, the call has been answered by a good number of companies, who have also set up a helpline for flooded farmers. Together with the charity and a few local haulage companies, they have begun the extensive process of delivering loads of feed, forage and sandbags to areas affected by flooding. 

Parties interested in donating bales of hay, sandbags and forage can do so from Sedgemoor Livestock Market, while those who wish to pick up loads for delivery can find out where to do so from by contacting Ward on his e-mail address or via Twitter. 

The initiative to relieve farmers in counties such as Somerset and Yorkshire comes after an unusual spell of bad weather has punished the United Kingdom, causing many rivers to overflow and cause floods in their surrounding areas. This climactic catastrophe came as a result of several storm fronts hitting the British Isles in quick succession, and has so far left many people in both rural and urban areas homeless or facing major shortages. Authorities have been working to minimise the damage, but the help of charities such as Forage Aid has proven crucial in this time of need. 

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