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Ryan Poterack Hosts Social Security Workshop in Charlotte NC

Ryan Poterack, a financial advisor and CEO of Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc. in Charlotte NC, is hosting a Social Security Workshop on Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM at the Jewish Community Center. The public is welcome to attend, with a confirmed reservation. 

Many people do not realize, there are over 567 ways married couples can claim their Social Security Benefits! The differences in timing and strategy can equal more than a 75% difference in lifetime payments. There are many key elements one may consider to optimize benefits. Ryan will address questions such as how work may affect your benefits and when you may start taking benefits. 

This Social Security Workshop, hosted by Ryan Poterack, will help you to understand and learn the process of constructing a retirement plan designed to maximize Social Security Benefits. Ryan Poterack will walk you through the entire process using case designs and different scenarios. 

The workshop will be hosted at the Jewish Community Center (Teen Meeting Room at Shalom Park), located at 5007 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226. The date of the event is Wednesday, March 19th at 1:00PM. To reserve a spot at this workshop, please call Ashley at 704-366-5776 or email Ashely@pca-inc.org. 

In addition to Social Security Workshops, Ryan Poterack also hosts monthly Ladies Luncheons and evening Topic Specific Workshops. Through his many events, Ryan can easily share and teach others about the benefits of investments, insurance products, and retirement planning strategies. Ryan will assist you by answering common questions and concerns, and encouraging an open discussion among attendees. Learn more http://ryanpoterack.blogspot.com

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