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Messenger Neef Going Viral With Official Website

Chicago’s self-made indie rapper “Messenger Neef” presents Ilovemessengerneef.com. The website is the rapper’s official page for his music releases and the latest scoop. Messenger Neef is well known in Chicago for his raw talent and his drive to make it in the music industry. He independently sold over 150,000 mixtapes hand-to-hand in Chicago and major cities, such as: Detroit, Miami, Hollywood, Compton, Los Angeles, Vegas, Denver, etc. 

Messenger Neef

With great determination and a passion for success the young rapper is making major moves. Following the release of “War Zone” mixtape, Messenger Neef launches his official website “Ilovemessengerneef.com” for his fans & dedicated supporters. 

With an ever growing fanbase, Messenger Neef is generating a social media buzz; Reverb Nation ranks him in the top 10 Chicago local artists. Website visitors may keep up with Messenger Neef’s latest social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. via the website. 

The Hip Hop industry lacks great quality music and that’s evident when listening to the radio on a daily basis. There are a few talented rappers but majority of them have no substance. Messenger Neef invites Hip Hop lovers from all walks of life to visit his official website and tune-in to quality music. Not only does the website features music & videos from Messenger Neef, there are music & media contents from various indie artists throughout the website. 

The blog & news section of the website features rappers, movies, music and other trending posts. Let’s not forget about the ladies; there’s a dedicated section featuring sexy ladies, called “Hoodviddles of The Week”. Some of the sexiest females are listed there on a weekly basis. There’s more than enough contents for your entertainment when visiting Ilovemessengerneef.com. Stop by today and experience true Hip Hop at its’ best. www.ilovemessengerneef.com

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