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SmartOrder makes restaurant management easier

Hong Kong, 26th February 2014: SmartOrder System adds a new dimension of a Point of Sales that works towards enhancement of the services managed at a restaurant. There has been growing concerns across the world to keep the costs on the lower side while enhancing the management. The product offered by SmartOrder System comes with a set of features which manages orders of the customers, and centralizes all set of activities in the management of the restaurant. The product is bundled with features which make it usable by the managers, customers, and the employees of the organization. 

The self-ordering system which is termed as the Smart POS comes with innovative approach which helps in order management as well as processing at the restaurant. The company offers na innovative SmartOrder ePo-Postal for free when people order the SmartOrder system. The software is developed in a manner which makes sit highly customizable in nature. It does it all and the activities include account management, inventory management and clubs creation of reports online. There for with customized features the restaurant has the option to personalize and use it in a manner which helps them offer dedicated services. The managers can keep a track of the number of people visiting the place, the sales, and the popular dishes and create custom reports as and when required. It would give them a broader perspective of the elements which are popularizing the restaurant. 

SmartOrder System comes with both the popular platforms besides the computer systems. It includes the iPad restaurant POS and the Android restaurant POS. These apps make it much easier for people to manage and take the services of the restaurant. It even enables the users to order their favourite dishes right from their smartphones. To know more about this innovative product people can visit their website online. The site features all the relevant information which includes the features, pricing options, and the way to order. In case people wish to try it and assess if this could be for their use, they can take the trail version which is free for 30 days. The packages start at $60 a month while the lifetime license is available at just %1500. 

At the moment the product is available at four places which include the USA, UK, China and other countries in Europe. To talk about other relevant features which can make it effective is its ability to be used in different languages and the option of customizing it. 

About SmartOrder: 

Website: http://www.smartordersystem.com/index.php/en/ 

SmartOrder System is a new tool which is developed by SmartOrder. The product is made to help the restaurant owners to make the management of their restaurants easier. The technology which is offered works on the concept of Point of Sales system that helps in reducing the costs and enhance the revenues of the customers.

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