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Useful Plumbing Tips of the Day by Mr. Cameron Luken for Shower Faucet Repairing

Wangi Wangi, NSW; Feb 26, 2014: There are numerous choices in regards to replacing old bathroom fixtures. We’re going to concentrate around the c in this essay. Then in the event you try for an internet search in your favorite web browser you’re certain to turn up a plethora of tips on apparently countless distinct alternatives. 

While most Australians (70 %) would solve an internet outage within a few hours or a day, and two-thirds (65 %) would repair a TV reception problem that quickly, only half (50%) could fix a leaky faucet within the same timeframe. Further, one-third of Australians (33 %) would take up to a week or more to stop the drip, according to the 6th annual 2013 RBC Australian Water Attitudes Study, commissioned by the RBC Blue Water Project and administered by Deltashowerfaucetrepair.com. 

“With just days to go until World Water Day on March 22, we’d like Australians to think about the value of clean, fresh water,” says Cameron Luken, president of Delta Shower Faucet. “To continue enjoying the quality of drinking water we all want and need, Australians must understand that it’s a finite resource.” 

According to the survey, Australians ages 18 to 35 are least likely to repair the leaky faucet within a few hours or a day (44 per cent) and Australians aged 56 and older are the most likely to fix the drip quickly (68 per cent). 

Of the 82 per cent of Australians that rely on municipal water services, most don’t have a sense of what they are paying for water. Only 45 per cent are charged for the amount of water they use. The rest either don’t know how they are charged for water (15 per cent), pay a fixed amount regardless of how much they use (20 per cent), or say their costs are built into their rent or condo fees (35 per cent). Two-thirds (68 per cent) say they do not have a water meter at their residence. For more information please visit www.deltashowerfaucetrepair.net or contact on Phone: +61400006701 or email: luken.cameron@gmail.com

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