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National Health Surveys by StuffyNoseRemedy.Net show growing lack of sleep and couple intimacy may be due to snoring

Wangi Wangi, NSW; Feb 26, 2014: At present 25% of the Australia and USA population suffers from some form of sleeping disorders that result in excessive daytime sleepiness. Various sleeping disorders that keep individuals awake at night are basic problems like snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome. A survey by the StuffyNoseRemedy.Net found that 55% of all UK vacationers have their holiday sleep affected by snoring partners, 20% of which usually are banished to the bathroom because of creating “too much noise”. So what has put snoring at the forefront of our minds?

Snoring right now seems to be the second largest reason for couples sleeping separately, with 60% of those in a relationship complaining that their partner’s snoring has placed a “strain on their romantic relationship and general health”. 55% of the couple in the survey said that their partner's snoring problems irritated them so much that they could not sleep peacefully.

“Sleep deprivation may be affecting couples intimacy and 60% of those in a relationship complain that their partner’s snoring has placed a strain on their relationship on bed and general health” says Cameron Luken, President of StuffyNoseRemedy.Net. “Remedy of Stuffy nose can make partners happy during sleep”.

Another survey report conducted by StuffynoseRemedy.Net which revealed that more couples than ever are sleeping apart. The survey stated that nearly 14 million Britons snore when they sleep, a quarter of American and Australian couples say that snoring has ruined their sex lives, and 15% say that it has even lead to them considering divorce. 45% couples sleep apart because of this very reason. Snoring has been rightly branded by the survey as “unsexy and certainly not supporting for a relationship”. A study by Sleepy Mattress store is being listed Snoring at the top of a list of “Newlyweds’ Worst Bedtime Habits”.

Not only is snoring something that is irritating and relationship destabilizing, but snoring can also be a symptoms of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also due to diabetes. The stuffynoseremedy.net reports that snoring is caused by an anatomy problem involving soft tissues at the back of the throat which cause the emission of sound from the airway during sleep.

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