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Geneva Airport Transfers Increase In 2013

A recent report issued by the Geneva Airport management has shown an increase in the number of passengers - and, as a result, in the number of Geneva airport transfers - in 2013, as compared to the previous year.

The document, released on January 13, gives a few statistics about the number of passenger, flights and Geneva airport transfers this past year, as well as about the major airlines to operate out of that airport.

Among the figures disclosed by said report is an increase of approximately four percent in the number of passengers handled by the airport, which tallied a total of 14.4 million in 2013. Paradoxically, this increase was felt despite a decrease in the number of flights, which dropped by 2.2 percent in relation to 2012.

These passenger and traffic movement figures continue to help place Geneva Airport among the main spaces of its kind in Europe. The airport is also one of the main air traffic hubs in the world, with links to most of the major airports and a total of 130 cities the world over. According to the report, 4 percent of all passengers passing by the space in 2013 used it en route to their final destination.

Aside from reporting on the number of passengers and flights recorded by the airport in 2013, the document in question also gave an overview of the main airlines flying into and out of Geneva Airport. Unsurprisingly, the list is led, by a considerable margin, by a low-cost company, with EasyJet claiming approximately 41.5 percent of all flights to and from Geneva in the past year. Following a good way off are Swiss (with approximately 14.5 percent), Lufthansa (5.2 percent) and British Airways (with approximately 4.8 percent.)

Sources close to airport management have considered that these figures, while mildly encouraging, are more subdued than those of the past two years. This is in line with a perceived flat lining in the growth of the air traffic industry as a whole. On a more positive note, responsible parties within the airport have pointed out that, with higher occupancy levels on each flight, the number of actual planes decreased, resulting in a less significant environmental impact.

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