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Medication May Affect Single Trip Holiday Insurance, Research Shows

As a consequence of a recent study, prospective holidaymakers taking prescription medication have been warned that they may not be able to claim single trip holiday insurance for their next holiday. 

According to the research, carried out on behalf of an Irish travel insurance charity, medical expenses are one of the main reasons single trip holiday insurance is taken out in the first place, which makes it incongruous that travellers on medication – even prescription medication – should see their claims denied. This is, however, the case for most insurance companies, as the study in question proves. 

What is more, according to parties interviewed on the course of the research, the general holidaymaking public is not aware of these restrictions. Five out of every ten interviewees preparing to contract single trip holiday insurance claimed they were unaware that being on medication could deny them the right for coverage, and four out of every ten were unaware that this might extend to their family members as well. 

This is especially egregious when one considers that, in 2012, a travel insurance contractor interviewed for the study revealed 6000 of its customers had needed some sort of medical intervention during their holiday, with approximately 1500 needing internment in a hospital and about 400 necessitating a prompt return to their home country of Ireland. 

Further data from the study revealed that cancelled holidays were the other main reason for travel insurance claims, making up roughly 66% of the total sample analysed by the researchers. As a consequence of this latter number, several travel insurance agencies came on record to urge customers to contract single trip holiday insurance at the same time as they book a holiday, rather than close to its starting date. This is because, according to the experts, booking insurance early gives travellers a span of 90 days to make their claim in case something goes wrong. Leaving it to the last minute often results in cancelled holidays not being insured at all, leading to potentially significant monetary losses. 

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